#Barbecheuse of the month: Nour Ben Omrane

Nom et prénom

Nour Ben Omrane.


21 years old.

Qu’est ce que tu fais dans la vie ?

 Product design student and photographer.

 Qu’aspire-tu as devenir ?

Usually i don’t have an exact idea on what i aspire to be someday, i always like to believe that it’s evolving and changing based on what i experience and what i expose myself to but probably i will end up in the fashion industry either creating or photographing or maybe some other profession that i dont know existed? I just know that i will be doing something intimidating that i never thought i would do now (because that’s what keeps happening in my life these past years) so high five future Nour for that.

Comment décrirais-tu la mode écologique ? 

I see eco-fashion as the future of fashion for two reasons. One that i dont think we would have the choice someday, that we won’t be able to produce ready-to-wear due to limited resources and how consuming this industry is. Second is because i think it offers what fast fashion does not: being budget friendly, eco friendly, unique and durable.

Pourquoi Barbecha ?

As for why Barbecha, it’s because of the spirit of Barbecha: it’s authentic, relatable, it doesn’t feel corporate and detached from the customer plus it matches my style and mostly it’s a small local Tunisian business and i always support genuine and new rising start-ups.

Commet Barbecha est entrain de «meet the needs» d’une marque écologique ?

It’s inclusive which is great, i don’t like the idea of men’s wear and women’s wear and i love to see them both merging to create something very beautiful and creative. Also i love that Barbecha keeps coming up with new clothes every week and i can’t stop shopping (help). And don’t forget it’s eco friendly, so it’s not only pretty and easy (because it’s online) but unique and cute and unisex and doesn’t hurt the planet? What?

Le changement que tu cherches à créer dans le quotidien des jeunes ?

Change is a big word, i never thought about changing anything in anyone I just want to inspire. Inspiration is a big part of my life and got me to where i am now wether in my personal life or my professional one and i keep looking for inspiration everyday and the day i will stop exposing myself to art and creations i will never grow. That’s what i really hope to change in people: to perceive art differently, for art is glasses that help you visualize yourself and others better.


The most important thing i want to say to people is nothing i’ve talked about earlier: learn when to give up and forgive yourself for it! Believe me i’m a big procrastinator so i’ve been taking breaks my whole life, it’s not a waste of time (well i guess). Breaks give you all the time you need to think and to decide when to give up. I’ve given up a lot in my life and thought i would never make it because i keep giving up every time and now i realize that if i did not give up all of those times i will probably be… Well i wouldn’t know but i’m pretty sure that i’m better this way at least now im sure bout what im doing and i’ve understood why people keep working hard in spite the anger and frustration. Anyway that’s genuinely what id like to give as advice even though i still don’t think im in a position to do that. Keep inspiring and be inspired and mostly take care of yourselves!

And thank you Barbecha for this time we had together you’re like a sunshine and that totally explains your logo.

Love, Nour.



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